We have produced all our Road Books with the Tripy II and its RoadTracer Pro software. And so, to be autonomous, or to avoid getting lost, the best navigation system remains the Tripy II GPS on which you will have all the notes from the Road Books. If you don't have one, you can rent one from Alain Spronck of AS-GPS (allow a hundred € for the duration of the Raid), for other countries, we know how to easily find rental companies on the web, otherwise, there are other but less complete possibilities:

  • The PDF road book usable on the mobile application or tablet "Cross country rally" or, if you want, we can send it to you before arriving in Crete to print it
  • GPS tracks in the form of .gpx files that can be used on different GPS devices such as Garmin or on the "Outdooractive" or "Osmand" mobile or tablet application. Attention, some GPS, modify the track during the reading...

  • For those who are not fans of the Road book or GPS tracks, it is preferable to choose the formula 'accompanied by Yannis'.

Tripy also adaptable on a motorcycle
Tripy also adaptable on a motorcycle

Doc Fred in action
Doc Fred in action

Medical assistance

Except for last-minute unforeseen circumstances, medical assistance will be provided by our friend Dr. Frédéric Mathéi, who is an orthopaedist. In case of serious injury, Crete has good doctors and many hospitals.

Doc Fred
Doc Fred

Rapid assistance ... :-)
Rapid assistance ... :-)

Technical assistance

The Kriti Raid is not a competition, the stages are not too technical, nor too long (between 100 and 200Km, except the last step which is shorter and cooler), so take the time to discover this wonderful island.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown with the rental vehicles, the renters will intervene quickly. If it's your own bike, plan a minimum of spare parts and what to do with your basic maintenance. If necessary, we will have a mechanic who can intervene. For the 4 X 4 personal in Crete, there are many independent multi-brand garages.

For bikers who want to be autonomous, it is better to have a basic tool kit with what to repair a flat tire + a first aid kit.

And finally, note that Yannis or the organization's 4X4 will close the hike every day.

Yannis and his 4X4 broom ... :-)
Yannis and his 4X4 broom ... :-)


Repatriation insurance, such as 'Europ Assistance', is mandatory. And, since Crete is part of Europe, all the insurances of this type cover this magnificent island. Ask your broker


For bikers, upon your arrival, we will take your luggage in charge and deposit them at the various hotels during the raid. We advise you to bring with you a backpack with your basic tools, water, ... and, if necessary, a bathing suit, bath towel, and a pair of sunglasses. Please note that for you to eat or drink in Crete, there are mini-markets and kafenions or taverns in all the villages except, if it is an abandoned or ruined village :-).

Lunch at the Agia Paraskevi tavern
Lunch at the Agia Paraskevi tavern


All the stages are divided into 2 road books or routes and a stop in a typical tavern is therefore planned at the end of the 1st part. 

The price of the midday meal(+/- 20€ included starter, main course, dessert and drinks)i s not provided for in the registration, but often a kitty is organized by the participants. This kitty is also often used for the evening aperitif before supper :-)


To stay, we privileged the authenticity and fled the big tourist zones. But it does not mean that you will stay on a roof under the stars as in the hippie era ... Yannis, knows better than anyone his island and you can trust him.

The rooms are sometimes scattered in the village of step, but never far from each other. They are all equipped with a private bathroom with WC and for the most demanding, there is always air conditioning in the room.

We will end the adventure in the beautiful village of Mochlos. This is the village where Yannis and Anne live. Marc and his wife Marie have been there for a good part of the year since they fell in love with the place.

Hotel Idi in Zaros
Hotel Idi in Zaros


For your flight, several airlines fly to Heraklion, usually from Brussels. If you decide, do not delay, because in September, we are still in tourist season ....

Look on the web for other countries

Attention, for the organization of bikers' luggage, read this carefully before booking your return flight:

For your outbound flight on Saturday :

  • Try to take a flight that lands in Heraklion before 5:00 p.m., because after that you will have to collect your luggage, fill in the documents for the vehicle rental and then take the road to the Idi hotel in Zaros (50Km). This road connection takes a good 1 hour. For bikers, it is really preferable to do it during the day (at this time, the sun sets around 7:30 p.m. and the last part is in the mountains with 17 km of very winding small roads). For those who wish to arrive the day before, it is also possible to reserve a room the day before at the Kronos hotel in Heraklion (count between 60 and 65€ for a double room with breakfast)

For your return flight on Sunday :

  • Please book your flight with a departure, if possible, in the afternoon or evening on Sunday. Because, we will have to carry out a group transfer of the bikers' luggage and leave Mochlos 4 hours before your flight. Indeed, it takes 1h30 drive + 30 minutes to return your motorcycle and usually be 2 hours before departure at check-in. Otherwise, we will have to transfer your luggage the day before to the MotorClub office at Heraklion airport