At the borders of Europe, Africa and Asia, Crete (in Greek Κρήτη, Kriti), is a Greek island, the largest in the south of Europe. Its southern coast runs along the Libyan Sea. It is also the favorite island of the Greek gods, the cradle of the Minoan civilization .... There are many archaeological sites.

In Crete, nature is generous and varied 

The majestic mountains unfold in an artistic way, spectacular landscapes await you there, ranging from sun-drenched beaches in the north to jagged canyons opening on a south coast full of creeks and cliffs.Inland, in the jewel of valleys where olive trees extend as far as the eye can see and charming villages open their doors.

The favorite island of the Greek gods
The favorite island of the Greek gods


Philoxenia of the Greek Φιλοξενία

(Philoxenia: hospitality towards a stranger) is not an empty word among Cretans. It is a very welcoming people, so if you visit, you cannot leave without having at least a glass of raki!   Their sense of hospitality is highly developed and you will feel like a family member.

+/- 1000 km of tracks and small roads

In September, 4x4 or motorcycle TT, come and discover part of Crete with Yannis and Marc.

Kriti Raid is +/- 1000 km of winding tracks and small roads that often overlook or touch the Mediterranean in sumptuous mountainous areas that are the source of deep ravines, canyons and gorges, caves and waterfalls. Summits over 2000m high meet an enchanting sea. Beaches and coves with crystal clear waters and hot blue invite you to swim. Moreover, in Crete, the climate is pleasant and ideal for off-road motorbike trips and 4x4 excursions and in September, the sea is still at 25 °.

If you like action, adventure and discovery, your hosts Yannis and Marc suggest you go away for a week and share unforgettable moments. The courses, off the beaten track, also leave time for some cultural visits: monasteries, churches, archaeological sites, ....

It is also an opportunity to discover the most remote places on the island, often ignored by major tourist infrastructures.

They taste the culinary specialties and the legendary "Cretan food", or simply quench their thirst
They taste the culinary specialties and the legendary "Cretan food", or simply quench their thirst

The trails are to discover in 4x4 or off-road motorbike

According to your desires and your rhythm, you browse them accompanied by Yannis or alone with road-book. Every day, a circuit with road-book is proposed to you. 

People who choose the option "accompanied by Yannis", have the pleasure to visit one of the multiple sheepfolds and to taste the fresh cheese, they also pass in the villages to meet the inhabitants ... By taking the time to stop in the traditional taverns, they taste the culinary specialties and the legendary "Cretan food", or simply quench their thirst, eat some "mezzés" during stops in "kafénions", small typical Greek bistros where fresh products you reveal a simple, natural, divine cuisine!

Their secret: an Art of Living that we have a little ... forgotten.

1st episode of the Kriti Raid 2023 directed by the YouTuber "Greg-Les Apprentis Voyageurs"