PROGRAMME (provisional program subject to minor change)

We offer 1 package of a week, from "Saturday 16th to Sunday 24th September 2023" with rental car. For those who prefer, we leave you the opportunity to come with your vehicle (more information on the page '' PRICES '')

Saturday (50km road link) :

We are waiting for you at Heraklion airport and in the afternoon, taking possession of the vehicles, heading towards Zaros in the mountains, at the "Idi" hotel for dinner and spending a first night before starting the journey. adventure on Sunday (for motorcyclists, the organization takes care of the transfer of luggage).

Please note, for motorcyclists and for their outbound flight on Saturday :

  • Please book a flight that lands in Heraklion before 5:00 p.m., because after that you will have to collect your luggage, complete the documents for the vehicle rental and then take the road to the Idi hotel in Zaros (50Km). This road connection takes a good 1 hour. For bikers, it is really preferable to do it during the day (at this time, the sun sets around 7:30 p.m. and the last part is in the mountains with 17 km of very winding small roads). For those who wish to arrive the day before, it is also possible to reserve a room the day before at the Kronos hotel in Heraklion (count between 60 and 65€ for a double room with breakfast)

Sunday (stage of +/- 115 km):

Mountain loop, Zaros -> Anogeia and back to Hotel Idi in Zaros via the Nida plateau

Monday (stage of +/- 150 Km) : 

Direction the south coast through the fabulous gorges of Tripiti and stopover in Keratokampos where we will stay for 2 nights

Tuesday (stage of +/- 140 Km) :

Keratokampos loop, Lassithi plateau and return to Keratokampos

Wednesday (stage of +/- 135 Km) :

Direction to the North passing by the plateau of Omalos, the typical tavern of Agia Paraskevi and finally the small village of Mochlos where we will stay for the last 3 nights

Thursday (stage of +/- 200 Km) :

Marathon loop, Mochlos -> Kato Zakros (east coast) -> Mochlos

Friday (stage of +/- 115 Km) :

Mochlos loop -> Makry Gialos (south coast) -> Mochlos

Saturday (stage of +/- 45 Km) :

Last half day with a small mountain loop, Mochlos -> Myrsini -> Mochlos ended with a farewell eveningwith Cretan music

Sunday (100Km road link) :

For those who do not extend their stay, road connection from Mochlos to Heraklion airport (for motorcyclists the organization takes care of the transfer of luggage)

Please note, for motorcyclists and for their return flight on Sunday :

Please book your flight with a departure, if possible, in the afternoon or evening on Sunday. Because, we will have to carry out a group transfer of the bikers' luggage and leave Mochlos 4 hours before your flight. Indeed, it takes 1h30 drive + 30 minutes to return your motorcycle and usually be 2 hours before departure at check-in. Otherwise, we will have to transfer your luggage the day before to the MotorClub office at Heraklion airport